Ex. Articles: Writing


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Ex. Articles: Editing

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Junior Programming Editor: I manage a team of 20+ writers who draft Programming content. I handle and shape pitches, edit articles to ensure they match style guide expectations, and help my writers perform to the best of their ability.

Staff Writer: I work closely with editors and draft content-packed, succinct articles. As part of the Updates Team I proofread and edit underperforming articles, injecting them with new life.

MakeUseOf (MUO) – Junior Editor: Programming

Senior Editor: Proofreads, edits, and updates new and existing iOS/macOS articles to ensure they meet quality standards and align with the company voice as a Senior Editor at iGB. This position reports directly to the Head of Digital Marketing.

iGeeksBlog (iGB) Senior Editor


Many years of experience writing in an academic setting (with awards to show for it), and 2+ years professional writing experience for digital publications.

Content Writing

Research is arguably the most important part of the job. That’s why it pays to have someone on your team who knows how to do it well – that’s Marcus Mears III.


Refining others’ writing is what I do best. Proofreading, developmental editing, structural editing, line editing… I’ve gotten my hands dirty with all of them.


I’m intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the WordPress CMS, having worked with several proprietary versions. This website was hand built with WP.



High School Graduate, AP Scholar with Distinction.

McKinney North High School

Studied Computer Science with a focus on Front-End Web Dev.

Collin College

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